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Welcome Back.

Glad to have you guys back on. Looking forward to what’s to come.

Exploration Of Self Via Cardboard

People think this is a sports cards podcast. WRONG. This is a podcast of brotherhood where three white collar professionals explore identity, family, and love.

5 out of 5. Would listen again.

I discovered the show "pack" in early 2020 and since then I have yet to miss a single episode. 3 guys talking about sports cards, brunching, PSA subs and drama. Whats not to love? Mistakes were made for our entertainment. Well, upon review I doubt it was for the listeners. Pack to the Future is the most refreshing and laid back sports card podcast I know. None of the hosts threatened or forced me to write this review.

Yeah This Is My Favorite Show-I Like It Better Than My Own

This show is maybe the greatest invention I have ever listened to in history of podcasts. Ricky’s yelling, Chad’s terrible decisions, and Tim’s meh attitude somehow all come together to make an extremely funny show. Yeah I may have my own podcast, Sports Card Second, but the gang here at PTTF are the GOATS of sports card podcasting.

5-Stars or 2 1/2 Mehs

This is a very entertaining sports card podcast. I give it 5 Stars and 2 1/2 Mehs because it didn’t “tickle my balls.” I’ll keep listening in hopes it will. @mi3cards

B is for Best Sports Card Podcast

A must listen for anyone looking for tons of entertainment, quality hobby talk, and the occasional mis-information that will get you rolling your eyes. Audio quality is amazing and the hosts consistently put out a great podcast.

Best non-hockey podcast I listen to!

Great way to kill time in between the hockey podcasts that I listen to. These guys are funny and know a lot about cards and the card market. What they don't know they do great research on or call on great guests like Chaz haha.

1 of 1 Podcast

Omg it’s a 1 of 1… podcast. If you like sports card podcasts, but are tired of the typical investment based back and forth, opt for the PTTF podcast instead. Full of sports card stories, some fun some serious. You can always count on the random Brett the Hitman Hart sharpshooter or Tim losing all of his money after buying BGS 9.5 Michael Jordan rookies that he then immediately has to sell. In any event, these guys get it. It’s a hobby that is supposed to be fun. Enjoy!


Hi I’m a friend a Reece I love this podcast! It’s great!!

Most enjoyable podcast

A witty combination of humor and information. I look forward each week to the show and I laugh and learn. Syndicate these three nationally!

Best Sports Cards / Life Podcast out there.

So many good memories around collecting cards. These guys have amazing analysis and all the best gusts. Cutting edge podcast. Can’t wait to see where the guys go next.

Chad Knows me


Fun podcast

Once I remembered to lower my volume when Ricky laughs and engages the Richter scale, I was really able to settle in with these nuggleheads and really look forward to hearing them weekly. The hobby packs are a great chunk of midweek content as well. I really enjoy when Chad gets excited and ends up sounding like zoolander and Tim’s takes are always solid. I love the rapport between them and appreciate that even though they are informative, they’re still obviously learning as well.

The one podcast I look forward to every week

These guys are a combination of being knowledgeable, hilarious, and mostly.. realistic. 2 doctors and a lawyer that have a similar approach to the hobby as I do and I can relate to them (not with career path by any means, but in their approach to the hobby). Keep doing what you guys are doing, I listen every week and can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

Great group of guys.

They are knowledgeable and are very funny as well. They even bleep out last names and curse words lol. Enjoy listening to the new episode every week

This podcast is a 1/1!

This is the best card podcast out there! Keep up the great content!

Keep up the great work!

Always my favorite thing to listen to. Since I’m from Louisiana, I think I should get the Zion!

Best Card Pod Going

Thankfully the pod is much better quality than the PSA 6s sent in for grading. Love the guests and characters also.

Boo Tim

Yay everyone else, can I win now?

Great show

Only listened for a few weeks now but it’s already my favorite card podcast.


I need more segments with Chaz! Really enjoy the podcast. Definitely a fun listen.

PTTF pod is strangely addictive!

Found these guys when they were guest on another card pod I listen to and found them to be quite entertaining! Even though the banter between the guys is mostly personal stories, they draw you in and make you feel like you are hanging out with your buddies! This is so needed during this pandemic! Keep up the great work guys, looking forward to hearing more pods in the future! -Sean

Great Content

Honestly a lot of fun for three nuckleheads talking about cardboard. Definitely a 1/1 listen.

Good stuff!

Fun card banter with some helpful insights as well! One cheeseburger please!

The honest sports card podcast

Come for the stories about razz and breaking failures, stay for the stories about grading and general life failures.

I like this show so much, I figured out my iTunes pw so I could leave this review...

This show is for sports card collectors who want to enjoy the hobby and don't take things too seriously. The three-person dynamic works really well here. I find myself laughing a lot when I listen to this show. Even if Ricky does shred cards in his free time.

This is a true sports card podcast

Ricky, Chad and Tim are real people who love what they do as podcasters. They are genuinely funny and great to listen to. Like walking into a bar and everyone knows your name. They also have a great list of regular guests that come on the show as well. Kyle from wax museum, David from Guess the grade, Baseball Card Fanatic and so many more. They care about making fun and informative content, not the boring stuff you listen to from other card talk pods.

G to the ood

Changing my review. Originally had a lower review after one or two listens and that’s not fair. That’s not fair. So here I am, down on one knee declaring that I was wrong and begging forgiveness. Oh please wondrous doctors of the Pack to the Future podcast. Fill me out a prescription for forgiveness. I need it. I got regret. I got remorse. Only you can cure. Show me the way. I owe you everything.


The single greatest sports card podcast of its generation. Listening to only 10 minutes has inspired me to eBay all of my junk Luka /10 Prizm rookies -Booker

Hilarious + Chummy

Big fan! Each episode has me laughing, learning, and feeling super happy that I don’t do razzes. -Chris_HOJ