Sept. 10, 2022

Episode 132: Ricky meets Jeff in Painsville, FL

Episode 132: Ricky meets Jeff in Painsville, FL

Now, stop for a moment. Someone mentions traveling to Gainesville, Florida, or just Florida, and what image(s) come to mind?


Acceptable answers: alligators, swamp, humid, sweaty, misery, old people.

Unexpected answers:

1. A woman trying to fit an entire bumper of another car into her minivan

2. A picture of a nesting alligator taken by someone who lived to tell the tale

3. Ricky upright long enough to get a normal picture taken with listener of the podcast, Jeff @80s90shoophead, prior to passing out during the Florida vs Utah football game.

This is a true story. The events depicted in this post took place in Florida in September 2020. For the benefit of Ricky, only the better pics have been shared.

Notice a few things here: extremely humid. Humidity + RealFeel > real temperature. Perhaps Ricky didn't check the weather forecast. Perhaps Ricky forgot how much sweat pours from his balls when it's over 80 F outside? Perhaps Ricky just hates clean shorts?

Glad Ricky ended up ok...