Sept. 3, 2022

Episode 131: Vaults, Madden 99, Dolphins, and more!

Episode 131: Vaults, Madden 99, Dolphins, and more!

The guys are back this week to discuss the Madden 99 club and it's relation to card value, vault services, and dolphin safety. 


Tim ran with the show outline this week and brought up a great question: why don't highly skilled non-QB players get the hobby love? 

Here is a list of the past few years Madden-99 Club: 

Madden 99 Club - how come this doesn’t match up with who the hobby collects?


      • Aaron Donald (Rams)
      • Davante Adams (Raiders)


      • Myles Garrett (Browns)
      • Trent Williams (Niners)



      • Aaron Donald (Rams)


      • Mahomes (Chiefs)
      • Kelce (Chiefs)


      • Davante Adams (Packers)



      • Aaron Donald (Rams)


      • Stephon Gilmore (Pats)


      • Michael Thomas (Saints)


Defensive players specifically are VERY affordable in this hobby, check out a few of our favorite NFL defensive player cards:




Don't forget to post your favorite defensive player cards on IG with #PTTF99. 



We also spoke about vault services for both ALT — Bank on Culture and eBay  Check out both the linked websites to learn more. 



Lastly, before you go swimming with dolphins; make sure you find one you can trust: