Aug. 27, 2022

Episode 130: The Greatest Accents in the Hobby!

Episode 130: The Greatest Accents in the Hobby!

While the big 3 finish up summer vacations, Steve and Hugo take the lead in episode 130 talking personal collections, Panini, and how to stay engaged in the hobby.  


Please take a moment to follow and thank both Steve and Hugo for coming on our show, you can find them on IG @Showley2003 and @Nabroleon_pc!!


Alrighty, let's get you some photos for the week.  We will start with two cards highlighted by Chad's mail with Russell Wilson and Courtland Sutton; a Pro-Bowl connection this year?  Chad sure hopes so: 




Steve's Crack Service was kind enough to sponsor the show for the week and with a little luck we are going to see about freeing this Donovan Mitchell In-Flight Signature from it's HGA cage: 



Just after the show recorded we had an eBay Authenticity Guarantee update, look forward to the thrilling conclusion on an upcoming show!