July 30, 2022

Episode 126: The Woo Slap Bet!

Episode 126: The Woo Slap Bet!

This week, we go along with the big three to tell the complete story of the PTTF Woo Slap Bet!

Here are the episodes where you can find the guys discussing the Woo Slap Bet:

Episode 30. Princess Ricky

Episode 31. ChadMD

Episode 42. PSA Goes Private, Basketball Cards are Heating Up, and Woo Slap Bet 2020 Recap

Episode 96. Christmas Hobby Recap, Woo Slap Bet Payoff, and Card Court!


Do we have the video of the Woo Slap? You bet! Click the photo below for the live feed of the Woo Slap Bet being paid off. 

Bret Hart interrupts Pack to the Future Podcast to Deliver CRUSHING Woooo Slap to Host!