July 3, 2022

Episode 122: Fanatics, Prizm, Trevor, and PSA

In segment 3 of this week's show we discuss Chad's Fanatics purchase, 2 boxes of 2021 NFL Prizm.  


Seeing the product drop on social media, you enter the number of boxes you wish to purchase along with credit card info.  If you are randomly selected, you automatically are charged for the quantity of boxes. 



4 cards per pack, 6 packs, 2 Rookie Orange Ice Prizms per box.  As luck would have it, Chad pulled an Orange Ice of rookie QB Trevor Lawrence!


Previous discussions on the show have led to the thought that the prime time to sell a card might be immediately on product release, as prices related to a product brand tend to decrease over the months following release.  


Within hours of receiving the product, the Lawrence was pulled/packaged/entered into psacard.com for Express grading.  As of writing of this post, the card is 6 days removed from Chad's hands and currently in QA Check 1.  Results will be posted soon!


The card looks centered with good edges and borders, what grade do you think it will pull?