Feb. 5, 2022

Card Ladder Showcase

Chad here-


I'm still on a bit of a hold on buying cards while I await funds to build but I did spend some time today with a fun new feature of Card Ladder (Pro membership): Showcase.  Card Ladder is not an advertiser of the show, in fact I'm a paying member and enjoy their product (that seems backwards, we need Ricky to work on that for me). 

With the Showcase feature you have the ability to add your PC into your collection inventory on CL, and others have the ability to browse and see your cards.  I've never taken the time to create my own IG to display my cards, nor do I have them inventoried elsewhere.  This function allows me to track what I own and has an added feature to track the value of these cards as well. 

Card Ladder is still updating their database but their Sales History function is a complete game changer by allowing one to search prices from multiple seller platform databases.  Cards can be added to your Showcase their Card Ladder's tracked inventory, via searching cards from the Sales History, or manually entered on your own.  Very simple and a fun way to enjoy your collection!  


I've entered a decent majority of my slabbed cards, I'll get my raw cards put in at some point as well. Check out my collection and see what you think! 

Chad's PC

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